In hexaGONE, players take turns placing hexagons from their hand on to the table with the intention of matching a sequence on one of the three face up Sequence Cards. The more complicated the sequence, the more the Sequence Card is worth. If a player manages to match a sequence, that player collects the Sequence Card, scores the points listed on the card, and a new Sequence Card is drawn. The player with the most points - as determined by the sum of his or her Sequence Cards - is the winner.

hexaGONE is a fun way for kids (and adults) to develop their spatial reasoning skills which are crucial for achievement in math and reading and for higher-order thinking. 

Did you know that a coalition of cognitive scientists and education researchers in Ontario, Canada conducted research which showed that spatial reasoning tasks were most engaging and relevant for children when they could manipulate tactile materials like patterns or hexagons?


hexaGONE makes developing this skill fun for kids by giving them real-world physical objects to place on a board and encourages them to think through rotations in their mind both of the objects on the board and sequences on the Sequence Cards. (Visit www.childrensschool.org for more information)


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